The availability of a large number of private airports vis-a-vis commercial ones is what makes private flying more agreeable; especially when time is of utmost priority. Baron Aviation provides private charter services driven by professionals who value your time, comfort and convenience.

A wide reach in terms of destinations and the quality of our in-flight services make our offering a must-have experience that you would want to relive. Our spectrum of services is divided into two unique offerings: Private Charters and Aircraft Sales.

Private Jet and Helicopter Charters

Charter Services

The luxury of private flying can be experienced even in case of certain instances that require one-way travel or a round trip to a particular location. Thus, the facility of a chartered Aircraft can be availed on a transactional basis even when you fly on rare or one-off occasions.

If your travel needs are more composite in nature, we also provide Bulk Hours Service. This service involves taking stock of your travel period to assign an Aircraft to you. This Aircraft is then constantly available at your disposal for a stipulated number of hours.

This facilitates group travel by making arrangements for special carriers that could accommodate a group of people that need to travel together for particular purposes such as destination weddings or corporate events. This service affords the added benefit of traveling with a large number of people in the comfort and privacy of a Private Aircraft.

An Aircraft fitted with medical equipment can be made available to conduct rescue operations in dire, emergent and life-threatening circumstances.

Our distinct edge

  • We are a leading air charter company with over 8 years of legacy in General Aviation
  • No matter where you want to fly to or from, you can leverage our global network to access to over 5,000 aircraft globally (private jets and helicopters)
  • Our reputation and buying power allows us to get the best charter deals, ensuring you receive the most cost-effective solution.
  • We guarantee the highest level of privacy and confidentiality
  • Expect bespoke travel experience, VVIP Airport hospitality and personalization beyond compare
  • Safety is our first priority and we maintain an unsurpassed 100% safety record

Aircraft Acquisition & Sales

Aircraft Acquisition

Our expert advisors will carefully analyze your requirements and recommend an ideal aircraft for you. This is the most crucial step.

We will conduct a worldwide aircraft search to identify the best opportunities based on your aircraft preference and budget.

Our advisors will then ascertain the ideal aircraft residual value. This information is critical to make an informed decision when leasing or purchasing a pre-owned aircraft.

We will assist in pre-purchase inspection and analysis of critical aircraft records.

Leverage our experience in making the right decisions.

Aircraft Sales

In case we are mandated to sell your aircraft, we will handle everything from advertising and lead generation, to negotiations and deal closure.

Our capable research team will conduct an extensive market research to locate the right buyer for your aircraft. We will promote your aircraft via direct mails, customized brochures, and print and Internet advertising.

Our aggressive marketing sets us apart and has aided us to gain a reputation of an achiever in the industry.