Agusta Koala


<strong>Engine Type</strong>: Single
<strong>Seat</strong>: 6 Seater
<strong>Maximum Speed</strong>: 152 Knots
<strong>Range</strong>: 370 NM
<strong>Service ceiling</strong>: 6,096 Feet


The AW119 employs a four-bladed fully articulated main rotor; the composite rotor blades are designed to produce maximum lift with minimum noise, and feature tip caps to reduce noise and elastomeric bearings with no lubrication requirements. Aluminum honeycomb structural panels are used throughout the airframe, which absorb both noise and vibration, thus requiring no additional vibration absorption systems to be employed. The PT6B-37A powerplant of the AW119, located in the same area as the AW109 is capable of providing high power margins along with generous speeds and endurance. According to Agusta Westland, the AW119 retains the system redundancy of dual engine helicopters, such as the hydraulics and the dual independent stability augmentation systems; the gearbox has a 30-minute dry run capability.