Uber of the skies

BookMyCharters is India’s first and only instant charter booking platform. Unlike traditional methods of charter booking that require anything from 4 to 48 hours to confirm a charter, we enable charter bookings in under 60 seconds.

At present, we are one of the largest aggregator in India with 40 private jets that quote in real-time across all the 22,500 routes in the country. We intend to expand our service offering to enable bookings of helicopter and yacht charter services.

Using our proprietary in-house technology (Patent Pending), our team of computer scientists and industry experts are also building the first Global Distribution System (GDS) for general aviation: a central technological enabler, connecting owners, customers, and 3rd party distributors; removing inefficiencies and facilitating seamless charter transactions.

Making Charters Affordable

BookMyCharters, in its efforts to make charters more accessible and affordable offers exclusive charter deals. Our Patrons can enjoy a full-service charter on a fixed one-way route and schedule at a heavy discount ranging from 50% to 90% of the original charter cost.

Visit bookmycharters.com/promotions and subscribe to these exclusive offers.