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Signature Service

air charter


Traveling First – class is a luxury but it is often accompanied by prolonged waiting time, dependence on pre-determined schedules and many other inconveniences. We, therefore, offer you the Air Charter Service that enables you to start your holiday in the privacy and comfort of your loved ones, when you want and the way you want it. A private charter is not only efficient but also the grandest way to begin your holiday.

concierge service


A holiday is a time when you would want to give in to your impulse. We, at Baron understand that it could demand anything, anytime and from anywhere. Therefore we introduce you to our concierge services that try to eliminate all constraints and cater to your comfort, adventure and travel needs, whether big or small.

vip security


Safety Standards and Privacy are non-negotiable and of utmost importance at Baron. We, therefore offer you a combination of visible and invisible security solutions which work seamlessly. We ensure that you are safe and secure at all times without making security a hassle that could hamper a personal and serene holiday experience.



During the holiday, we give you the choice to decide where it is that you would want to go and what it is that you would like to do. We understand that accessibility and commute to the destinations of your choice could require a lot of planning. You can, however, dismiss all your commute and travel concerns as we offer our Navigator Services that are created to guide you through your tailored travel schedules.



When we offer you a seamless service, we really mean service with all its implications. A private butler would be at your service at all times to make sure, every wish you have is understood and met the way you would like it.

culinary concierge service


There’s nothing quite like home food. And we at Baron would like to ensure there’s nothing that you would have to worry about while you are having a good time. Our Service makes sure your wish transforms into reality, be it local cuisine, your special recipe or the simple home-like cooked meal.



Your stay at an unknown, exotic location can bring in a few challenges. Communication is one of them. That’s why we offer a Translator/Multi-lingual Assistant who speaks your language and translates what is spoken in an unknown dialect.

Personal shopper specialist


When you travel, it’s customary that you may want to come back with souvenirs, artefacts or something that exudes the significance of that place. But with it comes the effort of scouting the winding alleys, negotiating the deals and so on; on offer is our Personal Shopper Specialist who is at your beck and call to assist you to make a good buy and to make the shopping experience a delight.