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Corporate Profile


Il est impossible d’exagérer luxe”- This French proverb perfectly outlines our ideology at Baron Luxury and Lifestyle. We believe luxury is not merely a statement of wealth. It is a way of life! It is a reflection of the elegance, grandeur and finesse that is indeed second nature to our priced patrons. And we do our level best to match their larger than life persona with the best that there is to offer.

Under the able leadership of Mr. Rajeev Wadhwa and a dedicated group of benefactors, Baron has forayed into the following specialty services:

With the aim of revolutionizing private flying, Baron Aviation is an attempt to merge general aviation with luxury travel. Having served and delighted more than 150 patrons so far, it provides its patrons access to a large fleet of Aircraft varying in attributes such as range, size and endurance.

True to its name, Baron Luxury Holidays is an endeavor to customize holidays to cater to all our patrons’ needs. It is a promise to transport them from the clamor of everyday city lives to serene, exotic and untouched locations around the world. These tailor-made holidays coupled with world-class services ensure a hassle-free and blissful time.

Drawing from decades of experience, the Aircraft Sales division provides operational, logistical and financial consultancy in areas such as Aircraft Selection, Transportation Analysis, and Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions.

Baron Eagle, a ‘by-invitation-only’ membership program is a crown-jewel of Baron Luxury and Lifestyle. It has enjoyed extensive positive media coverage by virtue of being the first program in India to introduce the ‘Global Jet Card’. This card enables its users to experience the luxury and convenience of owning a private Aircraft without having to worry about infrastructure, compliance and logistical issues.