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About Baron Aviation

The availability of a large number of private airports vis-à-vis commercial ones is what makes private flying more agreeable; especially when time is of utmost priority. Baron Aviation provides private charter services driven by professionals who value your time, comfort and convenience.

A wide reach in terms of destinations and the quality of our in-flight services make our offering a must-have experience that you would want to relive. Our spectrum of charter services is divided into four unique offerings, affording great flexibility for distinct travel needs:

Transactional Charter Service
Bulk Hour Service
Bulk Charter Service
Medivac Service

Transactional Charter Service: The luxury of private flying can be experienced even in case of certain instances that require one-way travel or a round trip to a particular location. Thus, the facility of a chartered Aircraft can be availed on a transactional basis even when you fly on rare or one-off occasions.

Bulk Hour Service: If your travel needs are more composite in nature, we also provide Bulk Hours Service. This service involves taking stock of your travel period to assign an Aircraft to you. This Aircraft is then constantly available at your disposal for a stipulated number of hours.

Bulk Charter Service: This facilitates group travel by making arrangements for special carriers that could accommodate a group of people that need to travel together for particular purposes such as destination weddings or corporate events. This service affords the added benefit of travelling with a large number of people in the comfort and privacy of a private Aircraft.

Medivac Service: An Aircraft fitted with medical equipment can be made available to conduct rescue operations in dire, emergent and life-threatening circumstances.